Welcome to the West Virginia GunRunners Wiki

Merchants and Mercenaries selling weapons, aid, apparel, manpower, and contracts.

All are welcome for trade, with the STRONG exception of those organizations noted as blacklisted on our Official Status page. No slavery, no prostitution, no human meat. Approach with your weapon in your holster or be prepared to be treated as hostile.

It is the GunRunners who will bring trade throughout the wasteland, from the Mojave Desert to the hills of West Virginia.

What You'll Find Here

We're hoping that this wiki can be a service both to our employees and customers. In our handbook section, we have RP suggestions, descriptions of the various roles within our organization, and our official stances on various items and factions. In our catalog section, you'll find current prices as well as how to talk to management about setting up trade relations

Are the GunRunners Hiring or Accepting New Clients?

Yep! Visit us here at our Discord Server.

This is a Fallout 76 Faction Wiki. We're not trying to sell real mercs or guns.

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